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A Visitor´s Guide to Logroño




The only way to get to know a new city is to go into every nook and cranny and explore it in detail. This is because the stories and mysteries of a city are held in the fabric of its buildings, in its bridges, in its art and architecture, in the statues and monuments adorning its streets and squares, as well as in its
cultural, social and economic life.

This leaflet aims to guide you to the historic places of Logroño, and to help you find out about its food, its culture and its people, as well as to show you its natural spaces and places of leisure.

After that, it is up to you, as an attentive visitor, to capture those bits which make Logroño unique and special, and to allow the city to amaze you with its secrets, peculiarities and mysteries, and enable you to unlock them.

Some of these special qualities can be seen at a glance, while others may be hidden – for example behind the altar of a church; or they may be present in History books which speak about the city, about the Route to Compostela and about Riojan wine and its cultivation.

Logroño opens its doors and invites you to get closer to the people and their traditions, to taste the typical dishes of tapas and ‘pinchos’ accompanied with a glass of good wine. The Riojan capital is rich in architectural styles, from the traditional – with their underground ‘calados’ – to those at the vanguard of modernity. Rioja offers the visitor wideranging facilities, whether in terms of accommodation, or simply opportunities to spend some downtime or to practise a favourite sport.

Logroño provides practically everything at walking distance, so now it is your turn to start the adventure of discovering the many surprises it has in store.